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Lindum Day Nursery in Oundle

Lindum Day Nursery

What does Ofsted say about Lindum Day Nursery

Lindum Day Nursery is rated 'Outstanding' by Ofsted.  


Our 2015, Ofsted review highlighted a number of strengths that both the management team and staff at Lindum Day Nursery in Oundle help to maintain.


Below are some of the key findings highlighted in our recent Ofsted Report:



Children are extremely independent and are provided with excellent opportunities to further develop their skills.


Ofsted Report, 2015


Building skills for the future

"Throughout the nursery, staff make highly effective use of vibrant and exciting resources, including information and communication technology devices, to promote all areas of learning and to motivate children."


Qualified & experienced staff

"Nursery staff are well qualified and trained for their clearly designated roles."


Please download our full Ofsted Report here


Ofsted registerd childcare in Oundle